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Guys, are you really sure you know what you are doing? - Asked our photographer in moments when it became clear to us that a difficult voyage is on the path between a secure and sheltered bay of Marine Veruda and Volme, which we have chosen as a training ground for photography. Marsel Brkic, designer and manufacturer of Leidi 600 made a cold remark that he knows very well what he did.

Wild sea

On the horizon there was no boat, because smart people listen to forecasts that announce hurricane hits on the south and 4-5 more, I must admit that I myself wondered whether we will pass as the crew from the movie Storm of the storms. On the other hand, I was comforted to know that we are near the coast, and even more the behavior of a boat which persistently held 7 knots of speed, regardless of the waves that were beating us stronger and stronger in the bow. Specifically, they beat us on all sides, because the area in which we sailed, even in summer is known as a very uncomfortable due to crossed waves. If Leidi 600 at any time stumbled, or began to vibrate uncontrollably, I'd turned it 180 degrees and went straight to the lee, but a sense of security at all times prevailed over those slight chills that these harsh natural forces just had to cause. We sailed for a few minutes into the bay Volme and tried some other characteristics of the hull.

Fast lady

There is no dispute about how much is this boat safe on the rough sea, as a final proof to back, we (by even stronger sea) slightly raised the engine speed and sailed at a speed of 10 knots. Again, no problem! Speed testing on more still waters, showed that Leidi 600, at the time, transformed from an uncompromising wave fighter to a small runner. We shouldn’t think too much about top speed, but this specimen reached 21 knots, because this is a debut which is about 300 kg heavier than the models which are currently under construction. Moreover, the stern had a Suzuki 140 HP, which is due to capacity of 2044 cm3 suitable for speedboats, while the other one of 150 HP and 2867 cm3 displacement is a much better choice for such a heavy boat. Some testing of Leidi 600 prototype, carried out with engines of different power and volume, showed how he can rush up to 30 knots. In sailing at full speed, the hull is almost constantly in the sea, resulting in extraordinary obedience in sudden maneuvers. When docking and navigating at low speeds, you don’t have the feeling that you're on a boat with an outboard motor. Although it doesn’t have one, management is similar to the vessels which have rudder. Where's the catch for all those good things? The answer is easily found in the designs of Marsel Brkich, who was more than three years developing the original hull and repeatedly removed the defects observed in the prototype. Thus, the final product, which would not constitute public appearence until it is perfected, has a tear shaped hull (when viewed from the stern) with a deep V bow and keel-filled ballast. There is also an integrated border that extends the entire length of the hull and on the bow it serves as a breakwater and on the rest of the area as a stabilizer.

Used boat power

During rest it is below the waterline, while it rises above the entire length during navigation. This hull design is patented by Marsel Brkich, and apart from all these qualities, we noticed one more thing. Leidi 600 leaves no room for a large stern wave, which means that most engaged engine power goes into operation, and is not intended to churn the sea. Smart solutions are not only reserved for the trunk, but extend across the boat. The sea which poures over the bow, goes back through the slot on the side of the fence, folding cabin door can be opened during the strongest swinging, because they are secured with metal grippers while the skipper seat is offset from the side just enough to sit comfortably without catching all kinds of yoga postures. Security elements are made in accordance with the strictest regulations, and the boat entrance is through a little bridge which doesn’t harm the feet, the side railing of stainless steel with its height allows secure support in passing, and the cockpit is very deep.

Toilet corner

When the table is down, of course. The biggest surprise is a completely separate toilet area in which a person of my size has to enter in reverse, but then can comfortably accommodate. We never had a chance to see something like that on a boat this length! Maybe because we haven’t had a chance to test the boat which at 6 m in length, the cabin takes up a full 3.80 m, while the cockpit and the bow are still useable. Let’s not praise everything else , it should be noted that the cabin needs one more grip, because the one located at the control console can be difficult for two people to hold simultaneously.

Rich in details

Care must be taken when leaving the cockpit, which is 20 cm taller than the floor in the cabin, because you can easily catches the protruding part of the upper cabin, especially if you are taller than 185 cm. Leidi 600 that we tested, has a bunch of accessories like vvebasto heating system, roll bars, vinca power of 650 watts, refrigerators of 49 liters, stainless steel tank of 176 liters, 14 lighting fixtures, teak flooring, sliding auxiliary engine, various covers and more.

The favorable ratio

And such has seven stores in the cabin, four in the cockpit and sails fantastic. The price already counts VAT in, and those which have a sufficient speed of 12 knots can put a 40 hp engine on the stern. The ratio of investment and the values obtained in this case outweigh the other item. If we put this boat in the female gender and quote the philosopher who said that a woman must be a lady on the street, housewife in the kitchen and a whore in bed, we could say that Laidi 600 is all that and even more.

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