Leidi 660 - Miss Is Getting Serious More // November 2015

Creativity, innovation and honest work. Thus, can summarize the path of success that walks excellent shipbuilder Marsel Brkic. He again turned his ideas into reality. Leidi 660 is a continuation of a series of successful predecessor, and certainly will be interesting to anyone who is looking for a reliable Boat.

Waiting has paid off, these are the words in which we could sumarize the new Leidi 660 boat. We saw Leidi 660, from the famous Pula shipyard Leidi, few months ago at the boat fair in Rijeka, after we've been waiting for since the beginning of spring, because our first scheduled meeting failed thanks to equipment suppliers who broke the promised deadlines. Then summer came, and the first two completed leidi 600 were immediately delivered to impatient owners, but as people say "third = luck", and this is third boat in leidi 660 series, this one arrived directly in our hands.

Leidi 660

Builder of Leidi 660, Marsel Brkic, we believe, needs no further introduction, but we must always emphasize his professionalism, modesty, diligence and dedication to work and of course his great enthusiasm when presenting vessels to all interested parties. In other words, it is recognized in his presence that unspoiled boyish infatuation with boats. We believe this is his inner inspiration and the power from which he drives new ideas to create such a beautiful boat. We should also mention that this year celebrates 10 years since Marsel started this successful business adventure. Success did not came over night. It was based on the persistence and faith in their abilities and the perseverance primarily on high quality materials and almost unseen final treatment of the product with special dedication to the details, Marsel, which is also very important, has more than fair relationship with customers. This approach certainly paid off and today we can see Leidi boats in almost every local harbour in Croatia.

Family DNA

The first impression seeing leidi 660 swinging on the pier Carolina Rijeka, was "Miss is getting seriuos". If we consider that the basis for Leidi 660 development was leidi 600, this is fantastic result. Without confusion, we do not claim that the leidi 600 is "frivolous" boat. As a matter of fact Leidi 600 is still in production and sells very good. Leidi 660 is not just a redesigned, refined version of a model 600, even if is clearly visible that the new model carries the same "bottom" as on Leidi 600. We can say that Leidi 660 is a sufficient autonomous boat with its own specific characteristics and qualities. Design is, of course recognizable, because carries that specific Leidi look.

Cockpit, slightly over four squares looks fantastic, as well as comfortable platforms

With a welcomed, slightly lower dose of traditional, retro feeling that emphasized by vertical bow post and slightly toward to the bow increased line deck, two colors combinations that are used on the boat perfectly suit to the traditional retro look. These colors started to be a trademark for boats produced in Leidi shipyard. It is very interesting that left and right sides of the boat are asymetrical, beacause on the right side leidi 660 has two rounded windows instead of the one bigger window. This actually reveals a separate toilet compartment, and just by sitting in the toilet section is the best way to feel and see improved comfort on the boat, especially interior which is extended by 60cm longer and 15cm higher hull, while the width remained the same 2,50m, as on the model 600, so the boat can be easily transported on the standard trailer. Hull became considerably more voluminous, and although basic layout almost identical to the Leidi 600, accommodation comfort of the interior on this model is noticeably higher, with a height of 195 cm in the salon commotion is at the level of the significantly larger boats.

Bow can be reached easily thanks to the comfortable side passages

It is not tight

This means that it is never tight, in particular the luxurious forward berth, and even the extra bed in the salon which boasts dimensions of 185x75 cm, as interesting enabled extra system. To explain, bed is formed by inserting a classic table between the benches, with their drawing several inches toward the center of the vessel and further lowering the back of the front sills. This bed is suitable for adult person. Maximum utilization of interior is obvious even in the storage space and cabinets that are literally everywhere, under the seats and beds, in the bow, but also in the floor, all of which are properly painted with the gelcoat.

To the great comfort in the interior contributes also a solid kitchenette

Kitchen unit, as expected, is the modest part of the interior, but sink, two gas burners and refrigerator, which is over times in the cabinet under the bench, are sufficient for the basic needs of the tripartite crew during the longer stay on board. Control position with a solid chair gives excellent visibility, because of the one-piece windshield. There is a simple but again very functional instrument panel with all controls. There are two larger high-quality performance lateral sliding windows which can be half-opened. These are F4 Nautica brand windows, while vetus round windows are also of high quality. Interestingly, the main doors are aluminum and produced in domestic company called ZADARPLAST. These are the four-part doors, two central parts open in traditional manner with simple placing them into a fixing position preventing possible vibrations while maneuvering the boat at the high speed. Excellent impression in the interior is also created by the finely worked woodwork from teak veneer and several LED light elements arranged built-in from the floor to the ceiling for even more enjoyable stay on the Leidi 660 boat.

Four square cockpit

On the deck is also a feeling of the larger boat dimensions. Cockpit is slightly larger than four square meters. Sense of the extra security is provided by a high gunwale with beautiful teak slat on top, but again gunwale is not too high for fishing action. Under the cockpit are placed three spacious forepeak tanks of which medium, also the largest one, contains the fuel tank along with some of the standard boat equipment. Cockpit functionality is increased with two lateral folding benches (optional equipment) and one stern bench that extends to the entire width of the stern platform. One part of the stern bench is located right above the engine container. So, the engine when is needed can be reached easily by removing one part of the stern bench.

There are two versions of the lower deck available, with or without toilet compartments, when the toilet section can be under the bed

In the left corner of the bench is located repository that can be easily converted into a water well for live bait, while part of the bench in right corner overlaps enabling easy pass to the stern platform. Two larger platforms are nicely coated with teak(standard version included). It is more likely that the right side will be used more often than the left one, beacuse direct entrance to the cockpit is on the right side of the boat. On the left side is located auxiliary engine , which is also part of the basic equipment on the leidi 660 boat. The bow can be reached simply and easily thanks comfortable lateral passages secured with solid inox fence and two handrails attached to the cabin roof. On the upper cabin, despite small hatchaway, there is enough space for sunbathing. Top of the bow has nicely integrated bow pulpit and hole for forepeak anchor inspections with very neatly arranged fence. These details reveal elegant use of space, allowing easy borading and loading/unloading stuff from/to the boat. Two solar panels, included in the standard equipment are placed on the roof without sticking out too much, because they are placed in the small hollows especially prepared for this purpose. This way Leidi 660 preserves well-known Leidi silhouette. There is also a great option tent that covers the entire cockpit and extends from the end of the roof to the solid inox carrier on the stern.

leidi 660

Like some wooden vessel

The drive system is composed by an outboard engine with power range from 40 to 150 hp, that's the way how Marsel and the Leidi team prefer. This preference is based on great experiences with the model 600 and it's performances. Such engine range is the most efficient for this Leidi model, offering much more advantages than drawbacks. Tested model was driven by a modern Suzuki DF140 engine, which has proven to be optimal for achieving higher speeds, and leidi 660 with semi-displacement hull is very capable doing it. Especially because the hull originating from 600 model is revised and reworked to acheive better performances. So, now going on higher speeds boat gives even more stability. Because of this, and due to its robust construction Leidi 660 on the open sea feels like stabile and strong wooden boat.

There is almost no leaning when doing strong cornering on moderate speed. Leidi 660 overcome bigger waves without any problems like bouncing, unpleasant sounds or hard slamming. In addition, the hull acts amazing when boat goes to a planing mode. Planing starts somewhere between 8-9 knots, depending on the load and sea conditions, and that's the situation at 3000 rpm when consumption is about 10 l / h. At 3500 rpm speed increases to 11 knots, with consumption of 13.5 l / h, while 4000 RPM means 16 knots with fuel consumption around 18 l / h. At all these speeds you don't have the feeling that leidi is planing, because it is surprisingly quiet, only bow is slightly raised, but with built-in Smart Ultraflex flaps boat is in an instant lowered preventing visibility reduction. Planing is more noticeable only at 4500+ rpm with a speed of 21 knots. Consumption is then considerably larger but not excessive. 27 l / h and a maximum of nearly 26 knots we achieved at 5500 rpm with consumption of 40 l / h. Even then planing is not uncomfortable, just a little noisier, but we believe that most owners will drive the boat that way only in a hurry, because the right way to enjoy such voyages, i think you'll all agree, is done at moderate speeds.

leidi 660

Leidi 660 carries easily visible "bottom" same as other two models, but still sufficiently autonomous with its specificities and quality

Two steps lead us in the bow section where just below skipper desk is located luxuriously furnished toilet. On the top of the bow is a proprietary bed which because of the toilet sizable dimensions has little incline to the left side, but nevertheless remains very comfortable and usable. On the left side in the salon, just below the seating furniture is located another bed. Trough the full-length of the bow berth in the upper part are located cabinets made of mahogany that look good and provide enough storage space for various Cabinets are made of mahogany that look good and provide and enough storage space for various stuff. It is worth mentioning that numerous small windows are placed on the hull, providing plenty of light in the lower deck section.


In the end, without hesitation, we can conclude that Leidi 660 in its longitudinal category achieves optimum, or we can tell that appearance, content and performance of this boat maximally approaches to the imaginary ideal of the best multipurpose Adriatic boat. Leidi 660 offers virtually all the features that one local man of the sea could possibly want. High quality, functionality and good equipment even surpasses the average expectations of the class. Besides that, performance ratio - money paid Vs. final product is excellent.

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