Leidi 800 - Lady Has Grown More // November 2013

Designed on the trail of two previous models, but bigger and more spacious, new Leidi 800 has kept distinctive retro style, elegance, extremely high level of practicality, lots of space and good behavior at sea, definitely justifying higher price tag of this vessel.

At the beginning of his career, less known Istrian shipbuilder, Marcel Brkic built a small boat Leidi 490 in two versions. Little by little, insisting on quality, excellent product finishing and fair attitude towards customers his work gained popularity amongst boaters in Croatia and abroad. By presenting Leidi 600, lovely boat with retro lines on 2009. boaters rapidly increased interests towards this small shipyard near Pula, Croatia. Soon popularity of new models soared Marcel Brkic to the top of Croatian boatbuilding scene. Customers have recognized his persistence, dedication to work and fresh ideas that brought these fantastic five to eight meters long boats to the market. Leidi 600 ensured availability and production capacity during economic crisis. Instead hard times, low production,we have here quite opposite situation, because Leidi shipyard slowly evolved. He moved his production to the enterprise zone Galizana, hired new staff and went into a serious business. So far Leidi Shipyard made over 75 Leidi 600 models. Recently he signed a contract with a Scandinavian company which will represent and sell Leidi models in Northern Europe.

Distinctive lines

Business development required the development of a new, larger model. Following customers over the years, seeing how they "mature" and have a need to buy new, one to two meter longer vessel, he saw a opportunity to develop his business even further. After all, his own vision included a bigger boat, so in two years Marsel envisioned a boat eight meters long, conceptually designed similar to Leidi 600, but, of course, with more space, and comfort. Given the availability of capacity and a lot of work keeping up with demand for the 600 model, and also not wanting to send unfinished product to the market, creation of Leidi 800 took more than two years. In the end we can say, with a good reason, because waiting for the final results was definitely worth. Entire project was accompanied by incentives from Ministry of Economy, and a loan from the CBRD. Designing, modeling, testing and final fine "grinding" to the smallest details taken away a lot of time, but the final product is so brilliant. Much attention is paid to all construction stages, all performances, functionality are repeatedly tested before boat is finished. Therefore, when we saw Leidi 800 tied to a pier at Carolina Rijeka, where he premiered it in late September at the Rijeka Nautic show, we knew that we have a great boat which will surely be famous on the market, because it is built of modern, more expensive materials such as Airex core for sandwich laminate, which is very light and extremely strong. Seen from the distance, on the first look we saw recognizable retro lines taken from a smaller model Leidi 600 and adapted to the new length. It was immediately evident that this is a much more concrete and powerful vessel. Hull is also elaborated version from Leidi 600, with the same vertical bow and stern very wide, and it is difficult to conclude that boat is only 6.99 meters long.

However, the overall length due to the platform and bowsprit is 8.70 meters , width is 2.70 meters. Superstructure is modernized and beautifully performed with proper lines, without a lot of experimentation. Roof color is very interesting, because follows the color of the hull, in this case it is nice beige color. Roofline continues with the well blended tent on stainless steel carriers. We believe that the majority of those who are looking for a boat of this class will like Leidi 800 design, although some aesthetes may blame greater height of the superstructure. But the overall elegance of the boat is at a very high level. Moreover, apart from two colors on the hull and superstructure, to the recognizable design contribute round windows, slightly elevated silhouette forward to the bow, bowsprit design, and stern platform with appropriate dimension, which visually lengthen entire boat. Tested model was powered with inboard engine, which is the first time Marcel picked this option over outboard motor seen on every Leidi 600. It is different from the outside only by the swim platform adapted for installation of a drive unit, which is still the same dimensions and in one piece. The hull in the underwater stern section is slightly altered, without outgrowth of the keel, with an extension adjusted for the hydrodynamics of sailing. Otherwise, the hull shape is very similar to Leidi 600, which means a sharp angle at the bottom of the bow, which gradually turns into a flat stern, optimized for gliding.

Functional and well thought out deck

On boat deck we discovered exceptional functionality and thoughtfulness of each of its parts, from the platform measuring 90 to 280 cm, over huge cockpit with 230 to 250 cm, amazingly designed lateral passageways to comfortable bowsprit. Platform is paneled in teak. Cockpit is accessed through beautiful teak made double doors. If customer wants, doors can be made of stainless steel. Cockpit has clear flat floor with three covers and is really spacious for a boat of that size. Already on storage repositories you can see high end production, because all holes are covered with rubber. Drains are resolved to dictate the rules of the profession. In the stern corners are located two benches with storage areas, and side by side are two practical folding benches perfectly matched for a person of average height. Cockpit fence is decorated with teak moldings and stainles steel handrail along the entire length. To approach to the side passageways you need to step little bit stronger, but they are surprisingly easy to walk, and there you will find handrail for easier walking.Winch is partially lowered so reduces the possibility of injury during loading / unloading. The fence is pretty open and solid, and there are two inspection holes for anchor gavon. There is enough room for two people on the superstructure despite the round hatch.

Day stay on the sea

Cockpit is connected to the salon with nice fourfold teak doors that completely open and practically combine these two spaces, creating extremely large living room. Doors can also be made from aluminum tripartite design. With the high level of finishing mahogany interior parts provide even a luxurious touch. The layout is classic, no physical ostentation or design exhibition, yet all is very functional and subordinated as enjoyable stay. This does not mean that interior design has been neglected. C-shaped bench with no problems can receive four people, nice table can be conveniently moved sideways 15 centimeters in order to, while not in use, leave more space to move around salon. Kitchen on the right has a small sink and stove with two gas burners, followed by 80-liter fridge, drawer for cutlery and two storage repositories, a portion of the work desktop is released by lifting skipper's seat. Nearly one-third of the two side windows opens up with a sliding system, which ensures good ventilation. Good planning for all details is confirmed by two additional apertures for access to the engine room which arise with the lifting of the floor and one part of the bench. Inside engine room is a Hyundai Seasall 3-liter turbo diesel engine with 250 HP, while the maximum allowed power is 300 HP and the minimum recommended is 150 HP. Another aperture in the floor reveal huge storage under the wheelhouse, which hides a battery charger, inverter and black tank 60 l, but it also has more available space if needed.

Control position is somewhat higher than expected, but we will soon discover that it's actually quite preferable position because of the high bow. Skipper’s chair is comfortable, but can’t be adjusted, which practically is not necessary, the control console is not big, but everything is in its place. There is a place for installation 9 inches diagonal plotters, however here was embedded two inches smaller device Simrad NSS seventh. So, the equipment is more than complete. Night part contains an unusual shaped bow bed, but large enough to comfortably take two people, and there is a second bed, under the salon. In the first part is wider, tapering at the bottom because of the engine room, but it will be enough for one person, or maybe two children. Magnificently designed wooden cabinets, shelves and drawers provide a warm feel, especially with the nice round windows. On the right side of the bathroom door, which would not be ashamed meter or two larger boat, or even a smaller yacht it’s enough space for a shower, a lot of wood, electric toilet and several repositories make this vessel even more attractive.

Brilliant balance

While reviewing the interior, we almost didn’t notice how Marsel turned modern Hyundai engine, which is surprisingly calm and quiet, and with excellent boat isolation, the engine and thrust bearing Aquadrive gave a pure pleasure of sailing on a high level. With a bit of fuel and five people on deck total weight exceeded 3.5 tons, while the weight of the empty vessel with engine is 3150 kg. Outboard version without engine weighs 300 kg less. This says enough about robustness of Leidi 800. Although we were welcomed by the calm sea, so we weren’t able to fully check new Leidi, Marsel told us he was two days earlier on the sea, and overcame waves up to a meter and a half height without any problems. We were surprised by the great agility of the shaft drive, which partially obtained from the motor position close to the middle of the hull, so the center of gravity is low and boat has great balance. This is testified by the fact that gliding regime moves very easily, at 11-12 knots, slightly above 2000 r / min. at 2500 r / min, already it can be quite nice to sail at 15 knots with fuel consumption of conveniently 24 l / h and at 300 rpm higher seems it’s the ideal cruising speed of 18.5 knots with a fuel consumption of 28 l / h. At 3000 rpm speed is 22.5 knots, while consumption is 35 liters, while the maximum speed achieved was 27 knots at 3500 r / min.

Who is not in a hurry, at 1500 r / min can navigate with speed of 7.5 knots without spending too much fuel. These are excellent results for a boat of this type, so we believe it would be quite nice vessel for even a little less powered engine, for example from 150 to 200 hp. In the gliding regime Leidi bow slightly rise, so it seems the slope is much higher, however elevated driving position partially compensates deficiency. It is entirely possible to correct this small problem with smart Ultraflex flaps. When turning sharply inclining is minimal, and there is no stern slippage. Leidi 800 at sea provides a sense of power and great ability and it seems that it is almost impossible to lose the rhythm. Returning to the trade fair, we saw a lot of curious people, and Marsel has revealed that there are currently 17 serious inquiries for this boat. It's enough to testify how much Leidi 800 is a hot stuff. We do not doubt in its success despite higher price of around 95,000 euros (including VAT) with the engine and full equipment from this test. Equally equipped version for outboard cost about 75,000 euros (including VAT), while the rational choice of equipment could save you few thousands more. But anyway, top performance vessel with such equipment and engine justifies such a price. Possibilities for adjustments are numerous, regarding wishes of each customer.

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