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Two years ago, started a project Leidi 800, which already in the announcements caused great interest. Premiere was on the new Rijeka Boat Show. Although announced much earlier, perfectionist spirit of shipbuilder Marsel Brkic has slowed down project a little bit, but results were truly impressive.

Leidi is one of those boat manufacturers which, at least in our country, there’s no need for special introduction. Models of this shipyard are primarily known for high quality production and good maritime characteristics. Although under the name Leidi this shipyard already produced two models, 490 and 600, larger model is far more popular, not only in Croatia but also abroad. That is why, considering good sales results and increasing demands on the market, idea of making larger models imposed by itself.

At first glance

Just a few days upon the first sea touch, in front of us stood a new Leidi 800. It was clearly seen, successful design that relies on a smaller model Leidi 600, which is not a miracle, because it is one of the most successful boats in its class. However, to make it clear, it is certain that you will not accidentally replace these two models, but will just surely recognize the designer's signature, main characteristic of this Croatian shipyard. Vertical bow as a shipyard trademark, lateral line in a gentle curve to the boat stern, and wide quadrangular boat stern guarantee this recognition. Except for specific lines Leidi 800 highlights the truly interesting choice of colors that underline the retro design, giving a touch of class.

Imperial welcome - Large teak covered stern platform

While we were looking at the boat, engine has warmed up and it was time for boarding. As for entering the boat, it is very simple and safe, regardless of whether you go over the bowsprit or stern platform. We started with overview from the majestic bowsprit. Like the 600 model, anchor locker is on the same level with the bowsprit followed by the stairs, so the whole passage around the cabin is surrounded by a few centimeter long high dead band. A great mounted fence and handrail provides extra sense of security as you move trough lateral passages.

Solar panels - partial supply for a large number of electrical consumers

Cabin in the bow area is done in the semicircle shape. Round hatchway on the roof and few small windows on both sides have eased little bit harsh lines. What mostly attracts attention is the roof of the upper cabin built in light brown color and body, with integrated solar panels, handrails, navigation lights, antenna and horn.

Descent into the cockpit reveals the true magic of this beauty. It becomes clear what kind of vessel actually is. Rectangular cockpit in every corner has one bench. Benches can be connected with folding side benches forming new surface which, thanks to a solid length can serve as a bed. On the stern mirror, we have double wooden doors leading to stern platform which is three feet long. Due to the simple approach and sizable dimensions this is a real terrace, which will be especially appreciated if customer wants to swim or fishing.

The secret is in the details - Large cockpit a comfortable, beautiful and very spacious, with a number of interesting solutions such as wooden doors in the stern, folding seats and teak as far as the eye can see

Cockpit has two large side storages for deck equipment, while in the central repository space is a place for buckles and shafting maintenance. Space for engine is shifted to the salon area, so it can be easily accessed by raising part of the salon and floor covering. By this we get very comfortable space for service personnel. Entrance to the salon is done great, because nice and luxurious wooden doors made of four wings can be completely opened. With this, entire cockpit is fully connected with the salon. Left side of the salon is reserved for the bench with table which is movable by height, so if needed you’ll have another extra bed. Great news is that Leidi team made this table horizontally movable to provide unrestricted movement throughout entire salon area. Kitchen block with sink, two-burner stove and small kitchen cabinet is installed on the right side of the salon. Behind that is 80 liter fridge located below skipper’s seat.

leidi 800

Quality - stainless steel, teak, natkabina in a different color ... everything seems attractive and very good

Control panel is designed as one on Leidi 600. It is very clear, with logically arranged and easily accessible controls. In addition to a multitude of indicators and switches control panel is equipped with Simrad multifunction navigation device, controls for the anchor, flaps controls and controls for the winch with chain counter.

leidi 800

Bow - In spite of the centrally mounted winch boarding over the bow is safe

Two stairs lead us in the bow section where immediately below the skipper’s control panel is located luxurious toilet space. At the top of the bow is proprietary bed which has, because of larger dimensions of toilet little inclination along the left side, but despite that remains very comfortable and versatile. On the left below the seating furniture in the salon lies another bed. Along entire length of the bow bed are placed mahogany cabinets that look good and provide enough space to store various things. Worth mentioning are numerous small windows already installed on the hull, they look very nice, and provide a lot of light.

Why Leidi 800?

In this Leidi 800 review, we have intentionally left out some details related to specific ergonomic solutions and our thoughts related to it. The reason for this lies in the fact that this boat is so good ergonomically designed deserving in particular thorough elaboration, separated by numbers and precise description. Leidi 800 Waterline has 6.99 meters in length, while overall boat length with bowsprit and platform is 8,70 meters. No wonder why many people ask the logical question. Then, why Leidi in the name has the number 800? Here’s the little secret. Leidi 800 regardless the hull length can’t be classified as a seven meters boat, because of the offering space and high-quality content holding the rank of vessels that have at least a meter long hull. How? One of the secrets to success lies in the fact that with the 2.90 meters wide hull Leidi 800 is certainly among the leaders in its class. Still, there is so much to reconcile. There are a lot of seemingly irreconcilable demands. To get a result as it stood in front of us, boat ergonomically must lead to pure perfection!

Regardless of whether we like it or not, the fact is that on this vessel in the lower deck are two separate beds and separate toilet. In addition, we have functional and spacious saloon. If we consider that, the basic laws of ergonomics on boat says that less is always more, it becomes clear what efforts should be made to put this seven meters boat in the eight meters class. In addition to all listed facts, there’s also a subjective impression. Our experience with this fantastic boat can be simply illustrated by the fact that Marsel Brkic, owner of the shipyard, had to show us twice documentation that boat hull length is no more than seven meters. The fact that cockpit and salon are on the same level and that door can be opened completely further increases impression of space.

Lady at sea

Regardless of all the qualities this boat offers with its interior, we could not wait to sail out to see Leidi 800 at sea. Leidi 600 with good maritime characteristics paved the way for Leidi 800, but at the same time established high standards that new boat will have to meet in order to satisfy customer’s strict criteria. Leidi 800 will have a lot to show at sea in order to fulfill expectations. Calm Rijeka Bay during the test period did not allow us ideal conditions for testing all maritime characteristics. First of all we noted that Leidi 800 is designed for two engine options, outboard and inboard engine.

We have now tested a version with inboard engine Hyundai 3.0 V6 CRDi. It is the engine with direct injection and variable geometry turbine (VGT). Engine develops 250 HP, which is directly transmitted via boat shaft to the propeller. Although this is a strong aggregate, we must mention that engine drives really heavy boat, because Leidi 800 with this engine, empty water containers and fuel has 3,150 kg. During the test on boat were five people, which should be added also 250 liters of oil and hundred liters of water. So, with a total weight of about four tons we headed on a minimum - 750 rpm and for a moment we reached full four knots with the fuel consumption of just 1.35 liters per hour. Displacement speed guarantee a pleasant ride and low consumption, so on 1500 rpm boat can reach a speed of 7.5 knots with consumption of less than one liter per nautical mile. Already on 2000 rpm boat enters in phase of semi-gliding with speed around ten knots, after that growth rate is more and more progressive, with bigger fuel consumption!

During these speeds, due to high torque turbo diesel engine, response on acceleration is very good and very quick. Boat comes to a maximum of 3,500 rpm and a speed of 27.2 knots. Leidi 800 in all sailing conditions is very quiet. There is no leaning of the boat or requirement for correction with the helm. Reactions to helm shifting are current and direction changes can be made without any inclination, which is little bit unnatural, because of the weight and height of the boat, especially when you consider such maneuvers we performed at full speed. Of course frequent directional changes result in a significant drop in speed, but with maneuverability of the boat we didn’t had any problems.

Since the sea, as we have already mentioned, was calm, we tried several times to pass over the waves that we have created, but it was inadequate option. Height of this boat is higher than average in this class, so we were a bit worried about how the boat will react on lateral waves, but it seems that all the deficiencies were compensated with greater width of the vessel, so we could not find larger drawbacks with these sea conditions.

Spaciousness - Leidi 800 gives you comfort of the 8 meters boat, within 7 meters length


We can conclude that Leidi shipyard done a great job. First of all we must point out something that will absolutely delight all potential customers, and this is the quality of production and finishing. Without exaggeration we can say it is on highest level. Since this is the first made test model we expected some deficiency, failure or some element that is still under construction, but we have to say, we have not seen none of it on this Leidi 800. Pure perfection!

Quality has the price, and in this case is fully justified. Leidi 800 without engine costs about 75,000 euros, VAT included. Test model with fair discount was 95,000 euros, also with VAT. If you ask yourself: Who is the ideal owner of this boat? - The answer would be: - This boat is ideal for all those who want a serious family cruiser with good maritime characteristics, and understand how to rationalize the cost of purchasing a small boat that offers the same level of commodity as well as meter longer vessel.

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