Mighty Lady - Leidi 800 Test Otvoreno More // 11.10.2013

By building Leidi 800 boat in the height Leidi shipyard undoubtedly became a champion in the use of space. Now, we have a seven meters long hull with separate toilet, two cabins, six beds, and with all that Leidi 800 sails and looks great.

After a big success on the market with models Leidi 490 and Leidi 600, mainly because of the successful boat concept, commitment to the details, and high level of surface finishing, shipbuilder Marsel Brkic from Pula was ready for the next big step. World premiere of the new boat – Leidi 800, on Croatian Boat Show in Rijeka. Leidi 800 at this year's boat show in Rijeka attracted the attention of all visitors, not just boaters, but also people who love innovations and beautiful things. At the very first view of the boat, it is clear that this is an exceptional vessel - a beautiful sight for the eyes of true sea fans and boaters. In fact, working on this fantastic creation, he respected all the rules of the boat design profession, with also huge respect to the Croatian shipbuilding tradition. Slightly bent deck line with the almost vertical bow and rounded stainless steel panes on the pastel colored trunk are the main characteristics of the successful Leidi 800 retro design. Immediately upon entering the boat you can notice a large teak stern platform and sumptuous cockpit - additionally protected from the sun with harmoniously blended bimini, which is connected to a covered part of the vessel.

Foldable benches

Since the level of the cockpit is equal to the level of the salon, and separated by the teak made folding doors, these areas can simply merge into one entity. The only thing that bothers is a certification mandatory threshold, without that boat would have a clear connection for these two rooms. Teak coated stern platform has impressive dimensions (2,80x0,90m). Ladder for swimmers and outboard motor carrier are easily removable. Wide passage, enclosed by a massive double teak door leads to the spacious cockpit which is beyond its class with 2.3 m length and 2.50 m width. In addition, on the sides of the cockpit are located foldable benches, so you can take advantage of the maximum flooring width with several repositories. Design of the superstructure is characterized by good aesthetic solutions with special attention dedicated to the comfortable, safe navigation. The wide stern platform, combined with big bowsprit and comfortably lateral passageways around the superstructure with handrails and railing, facilitates loading – unloading procedure, and enables secure communication between the bow and the stern platform. The bow is equipped with beautiful and solid fiberglass bowsprit integrated into the deck for easy access to the disordered shores. In the middle is the place for the anchor, and the entire tread is made of teak, which - like many wooden details - further emphasize traditional and exclusive charm.

Created for life

The fence is stretched along the lateral passages all the way to the cockpit ending on the bow. Access to the 1000W anchor windlass is facilitated through two holes/covers. At the bow are located two well-placed bitts and foot controls for winches. The lower horizontal surface of the upper cabin is without prominent parts except one small ceiling window, so it is possible to comfortably sit or even sunbathe. On the flat roof of the upper cabin are located handrails, one on the each side, at the very end we have nice stainless steel pier which serves as a carrier for navigational lights. On the roof you can see two shallow trays with two 140 watts solar panels. While visiting the boat, we need to emphasize superior boat finishing, and most of us were delighted with the attention to every detail, especially those who significantly make easier life on sea. There is really impressive number of distinct boxes and compartments in the interior, and also on the ship's deck. It is evident that this boat was designed by someone who actually resides on sea. Space is definitely a unique characteristic of this vessel, where we do not mean only the spaciousness that this boat provides for its length, but also the whole good arrangement of the things you can find on Leidi 800.

Well-used volume

For easy cabin access you need to go to the lower level of the vessel. These areas are usually more modestly equipped than salon, but here is not the case. On the Leidi 800 these areas are made with the equal quality materials and high-grade wood in accordance with the rest of the boat. Good day lighting is provided with the ceiling pane, lateral windows, good color combinations and high-quality materials. Equipped with two double bed cabins, one toilet, and one shower, Leidi 800 has maximum space efficiency regarding the volume of the boat. Bow bed is set at an angle relative to the centerline of the vessel, while the bow and warehouse space in the tested model is used for bow propeller. Above the bed is no lack of useful storage space, and next to the bed is placed small bench. Thanks to its distinctive V hull and bed positioning we see well obtained additional space for storage. On the left side, below the dining room is located side cabin with a double bed, and on the right side spacious toilet space with integrated shower and electric toilet.

It is worth mentioning that the vessel's interior standing height varies from 1.92 to 1.80 meters in the lower deck’s lounge. With this basic layout, there is a possibility of adjusting boat for the client even more, although it would be a pity to remove such a perfect concept. Of course, such a range of performance options follows the appropriate price range, which means that this boat can cost 55,000 euros for standard version, or up to 95,000 euros for tested and additionally equipped package. Unfortunately, conditions for further testing this fully equipped was not so good, because sea was very calm today.

Leidi 800, in fact seems very firm and solid with the hull designed for waves, with deep V on the bow, and almost flat surface on the stern allow easier gliding and better stability of the boat. Our expectations were confirmed the day after the test returning from Rijeka to Pula, when strong south wind raised big waves (approx. 1.5 m height ), even on these smaller waves we concluded that the hull is perfectly designed and balanced. Crossing the waves at the full speed we saw that boat is made up for heavy sea, and we also liked the fact that deck of the boat remained completely dry after collision with big waves.

Machine under salon

Maneuverability at the full speed is in accordance with the construction of the boat and with the transfer of power to the bolts, which means that in the sharp turns expressed Keelboat creates a high resistance and the boat loses speed, but without the unpleasant tilting and always in full control of the boat. In moderate speed loss is minimal, and the rudder perfectly controls stability of the vessel. The engine room is located under the salon, with easy access and plenty of free space to accommodate additional equipment and auxiliary generators. Engine room is well soundproofed, so we didn’t felt any engine room noise during navigation. On the open sea we were pleasantly surprised when 250 HP engine reached a top speed of 26.8 knots under 20 seconds. At the same time we reached 3500rpm, maximum is 3800rpm.

Fuel efficiency and durability

This model has a six cylinder automotive engine with three liters capacity in marine version. It is a well tested Hyundai Seasall, second-generation common rail with direct fuel injection. In tested model was used bolt 17 inches in diameter. Achieved speed and consumption readings were not much different than the factory standard. Optimal engine performance is expected in a regime 2200 to 2800 rpm, and measures we made in this test were fantastic! Consumption of 30 liters at 2800 rpm with a speed of 20 knots is absolutely amazing. Fuel efficiency is particularly important at a time when the boating market breaks between the supply and the fact that those who are now buying look three times before buying a new boat. It's nice to see that there are still shipyards that create with passion, and are able to build a fuel efficient boat with timeless beautiful lines and supreme comfort.

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