Leidi has grown into a lady Glas Istre // Srecko Persic // 22.05.2009

Premierly, before going to Zagreb Boat Show, your reporter and photographer saw a new boat from a small shipyard Leidi owned by Marsel Brkich in Pula. This is a new "lady" that stemmed from the idea of fleet expansion in the sense of business.

Once we started with a small "leidi 490", customers were asking us to make longer and wider vessels, and even faster. We went on and visited the world's fairs and ideas turned into action. The boat began to develop on a semi-deplacement basis. We planned to equip it with one separe, WC cabin and kitchen, and a three system plus a single bed. The cockpit has spaceness with dimensions of two by two meters, while the interior is 3.8 meters long, said Brkich. From "leidi 490, or 4.9 meters, the young lady grew up in the adult lady" leidi 600 ", six-meter long ship. Already in her first appearance in public, and thus on the sea, the new "leidi 600" attracted attention from sea and ship lovers.

Maximum power of the outboard engines will amount to 150 horsepower. This engine can reach speeds of up to 32 nautic miles. The ship with empty tanks weighs 1900 kilograms, and 2170 when charged. Registered for eight people. Overall length is 7.1 meter, while the water line it six meter, Brkich said. We wanted to know how is it that they decided to build a semi-deplacemet ship with quite a strong performance. People today are living very fast, the whole world subordinates to speed, there is not much time for a slow and long ride. Usually you get a free weekend, or even just one day which you want to use the best. Then there is no time to wait, and this boat is made to travel you quickly and safely to the destination of your choice. We just adapted to this concept because it is the only way to quickly reach an island, the beach or fishing mail. This is really the first real semi desplacement which is powered exclusively by an outboard motor, said Brkich. For now, "leidi 600" exists in a version with a cabin, and the preparation without the cabin will be made this year. There will be three versions, the current car, and semi-open type.

Three years passed since developing the idea from models and molds. The entire boat is constructed of 22 molds. The upper and lower part can be ordered in any color you wish, just as the car. This exibit copy at the fair is specially equipped. It has heating and cooling, probe and GPS, music, bridge, railings and platform, it is a real top model. It has a 140 horsepower Suzuki engine , Brkich says.

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