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Since the Leidi 660 is equipped for longer stays on the sea, its independence and performance make it right boat for a cruise. The large capacity fuel tank and water, numerous storage, a comfortable cabin, This engine and all these features guarantee a pleasant and long-term stay on the sea.

Few manufacturers have several boat model and that no one criticizes.There are only few of them but they are out there. One of them is Croatian shipbuilding company Leidi from Pula

All previous models, starting from the displacement boat Leidi 490, shared a high level of quality, and exceptional maritime performances. Leidi has set a new standard in boat production, with fantastic preparation, finishing, and above all perfect design. Boats from Leidi shipyard are special in so many ways. The traditional design of the modern hull Since Leidi 660 is equipped for longer stays at sea, its independence and performance make it the right boat for a cruise.

High capacity

Fuel tanks and water, numerous repositories, a comfortable cabin, silent motor, all this guarantees a pleasant and long-term enjoyment, especially newer models, placed in the top nautical production for which Leidi boats are recognized not only here but also in the region.

For this boat shown interest was also shown by the EU northerners (Scandinavia). As a confirmation of excellence Leidi boats got a place on the front page of the most famous magazine for professionals in the nautical business IBI (International Boat Industry) magazine. All previous models we tested proves us the the quality and reliability on sea. Boats Leidi 600 Leidi 600 R, and in particular Leidi 800, represent entire family and the right measure that goes beyond the previous standards of development and equipping boats.

Carefully selected materials, practically sorted interior and quality equipment, all of It set Leidi boat on the special place. Of the wide range of equipage that can be installed on the boat we had to choose only the best for the future owners. Model Leidi 800 rounded up needs of the owners for who going on the sea means something more and seek a higher quality of equipment for long-term stay at sea. Larger dimensions of Leidi 800 offer additional aft bed, which is main condition for many owners.

In the class of boat, of those real family, which are the standard of our boaters Leidi 600, and a more developed version Leidi 600R, many are finding themselves. Since the first presented version Leidi 600 till today, we have not heard someone say something bad for this boat. Right refreshments that has been added to Leidi 600 in offer boat with a cabin found that the boat may look different, and yet charming. On the other side the most important part, at least we were the behavior at sea or in navigation. Boat Leidi 600, which is After some aesthetic modifications, and minor improving the hull commuted to Leidi 600 R, received full marks from maritime characteristics, therefore hit the hidden desires of many boaters. And then, when we thought that can't be better Mr. Marsel Brkic, master shipbuilder at Leidi shipyard decided to extend Leidi 600 R up to 60 cm. This reasonable extension, maybe can be characterized as relatively small, but this yielded a lot of improvements, without affecting the appearance of the boat.

With a first step on the boat bow you can see that it actually looks like smaller version of the same boat and is equally practical like boats of same and even smaller dimensions. Small bow gangway in which is locaed rail anchor continues to the hull and is sufficiently wide to move, and because of the safety on the boat is surrounded with hight stainless steel fence that streches all the way to the cockpit. Under the opened fence on the top of the boat are located large bitts This is a real example of how really big should be bitt for this length of the vessel.

As long as there is no awning, descent from the side passage into the cockpit is simple for all age groups, but when the awning is stretched is little bit problematic. Help in these situations are the stainless steel handrails.

Compared to the previous model cockpit has been redesigned, and rearranged, to obtain a better usability of the space. When pick up folding benches along each side, boat gets a sufficient length that a person high 190 cm can easily lie down. It is the same with the stern bench, where is changed version of the cover wells engine. Innovation at the aft bench is raising the left part of the bench and because of that there is now free exit to the swim platform. In the flooring of the passage is located smaller storage. As for the other storage compartments in cockpit, except one in the aft bench, all of them are located in the floor. There are two in the side and one large in the center.

As the cockpit of the Leidi 660 is shaped in rectangular form, and because of that in the inventory of the boat manufacturer can add folding wooden chairs and table, or table on telescopic leg with seating on folding benches, and it is a classic performance suggested by the manufacturer. Whether cockpit is used in a salon implementation, or as fishing area it still has enough space. The same is with mooring. Bitts for stern mooring are placed on the fence and easily accessed.

On the aft platform is very smartly located stainless steel grip, which is used for holding when the boat is out on the open sea. That is, we can say wet side of the boat, because apart from the ladder to exit out of the sea that are hidden under the aft platform, there is even a built-in transom shower. The area of the cockpit and the salon, or cabins are actually connected to a single unit, because they are shared by switching harmonic door, and if necessary can be opened to the number of ways. If the buyer wants the door. It can also be made in the traditional manner, with fixed wall and door with hinges. When awning is stretched and descents to the side, the cockpit and the salon station offers one closed unit for comfortable long-term stay on the sea.

Skipper on the control position has a good overview of the horizon, when sitting and also when standing, which is contributed with large windows, and high positions. With starboard maximum offset management console is optimized and dimensioned, so that it fit centrally located steering wheel and instruments and switches. Lever power is set at a special made tray with the right side, under windshield. On Leidi 660 there is no unused space. Even the floor in the cockpit a kitchen block and benches with the other are completely used for some purpose. In the entire surface of the pantry, and the crates are benche seating. Box dimensions are created to hold a refrigerator with 50 liters volume.

With extension of the cabin here has benefited because now by concluding bench and the table we get a large bed dimensions 80 x 195 cm, which is more than enough for one adult. To improve sleep and stay, especially in the summer months there is a roof window, which is proved to be the best solution for the ventilation system in the salon. Tested boat is equipped with a toilet, but no shower. Although the dimensions of toilets is great though the shower would be somehow more appropriate on the stern.

Since the Leidi 660 is equipped for longer stays on the sea, its independence and performance make it right boat for a cruise. The large capacity fuel tank and water, numerous storage, a comfortable cabin, This engine and all these features guarantee a pleasant and long-term stay on the sea. A trip on the sea is what makes this boat fantastic, as in all other models that carry Leidi name. Acceleration of the boat is great. Leidi 660 accelerates, gently lifting the bow, climbs the wave and then going directly, and once reaching this position then keep going straight without regardless of the sea state. The other thing that inspires is the behavior in turn, without traction feed and kickback, so that the default shift can be performed in any moment. When you combine the effort of the shipbuilder invested in the planning and design, with thorough testing and improvement you get the vessel without disadvantages. Finally someone offered to the boaters something that is not a semi-product, actually this boat is an investment that will hold value for a long period.

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